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To calculate the average speed, you must
a) add distance and time
b) subtract the total amount of distance and by the total amount of time
c) add speed plus direction
d) divide the total amount of distance by the total amount of time

What would the graph of no motion look like?
a) a horizontal line
b) the slope of the line increasing steadily
c) the slope of the line decreasing steadily
d) the line of the graph would increase and decrease

Which type of force has NO MOTION?
a) balanced forces
b) unbalanced forces
c) increased forces
d) all of the answers listed are correct.

A car went 100 miles in 2 hours. What is the average speed of the car?
a) 50 km/hour
b) 200 miles/hour
c) 50 miles/hour
d) 100 km/hour

What type of force happens when objects rub against each other?
a) magnetic force
b) contact force
c) gravitational force
d) friction

A ____________ is a push or pull that causes an object to change its motion.
a) force
b) change
c) kinetic
d) compound

_____________ is the tendency of an object to keep moving or stay at rest.
a) friction
b) force
c) inertia
d) gravity

The force that works against motion on a falling object is
a) air resistance
b) friction
c) magnetism
d) speed

The force that causes objects to be pulled toward the Earth is known as--
a) gravity
b) wind
c) friction
d) air resistance

A startled kangaroo can cross a distance of 60 meters in only 3 seconds. What is the speed of the kangaroo?
a) 4m/s
b) 12.5 m/s
c) 20 m/s
d) 60 m/s

The formula for speed can best be written as
a) Speed=d/t
b) Speed= d X t
c) mass x acceleration
d) speed x time

The big difference between speed and velocity is that veolicity gives a
a) direction
b) distance
c) time
d) mass

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