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A long period of peace and stability in the Roman Empire during the reign of Caesar Augustus is known as ___________________
a) Happy Days
b) Pax Romana
c) Civil War
d) Denarius

The primary language of Rome was ___________.
a) English
b) German
c) Spanish
d) Latin

Who was the Jew who threatened Roman and Jewish leader’s power by claiming he was the Messiah?
a) Pontius Pilate
b) Saul
c) Jesus
d) Augustus

8. Rome is on the European continent in the country of ______________.
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Greece
d) Sicily

Julius Caesar became dictator of Rome in 44BC. Why did his rule end?
a) He was killed in battle
b) He got the plague
c) He did not win an election
d) He was assassinated

The Roman Republic established a tripartite government with three branches. What were the three branches?
a) Military, Economic, Agricultural
b) Farmers, Merchants, Artists
c) Executive, Legislative, Judicial
d) Upper, Lower, Middle

Who was considered the head of the Roman Catholic Church
a) Justintinian
b) The Byzantine Emperor
c) Constantine
d) The pope of Rome

The Romans built ______________ to carry water from springs, streams, and lakes.
a) Aqueducts
b) Trucks
c) Dams
d) Lightweight Buckets

A dictatorship is an example of what type of government?
a) Monarchy
b) Totalitarian
c) Democracy
d) Presidential

_______________ is a mixture of stone and cement and was used by Romans as a primary building material.
a) Concrete
b) Granite
c) Plaster
d) Glue

Who is the greatest teacher?
a) Slade
b) Slade
c) Hance
d) Slade

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