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What does Randy believe?
a) fighting is the best solution
b) parents should spoil their children
c) Johnny should die because he killed Bob
d) kids want parents to set limits

Which word does not describe Cherry?
a) popular
b) emotional
c) beautiful
d) kind

Which word does not describe Ponyboy?
a) smart
b) athletic
c) kind
d) violent

Why did S.E. Hinton write this book?
a) to make money
b) to make boys read
c) she was bored
d) need for realistic fiction

Who decided not to fight in the rumble?
a) Dally
b) Randy
c) Johnny
d) Ponyboy

Which word does not describe Darry?
a) responsible
b) athletic
c) smart
d) selfish

Which word does not describe Soda?
a) handsome
b) understanding
c) drinker
d) fun

Which word does not describe Johnny?
a) nervous
b) brave
c) evil
d) kind

From which point of view is the novel told?
a) third person limited
b) third person omniscient
c) second person
d) first person

Which statement is true?
a) Greasers are hoods
b) Socs are smarter than Greasers
c) all characters have positive and negative traits
d) Socs do not have problems

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