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What is the main purpose of the digestive system?
a) breaking down food into substances the body can use
b) circulating blood throughout the bodyy
c) giving the body structure and support
d) producing hormones

Which organ stores food and partially digests it before entering the small intestine?
a) large intesting
b) small intestine
c) stomach
d) gall bladder

Which organ is the final section of the digestive system?
a) large intestine
b) rectum/anus
c) stomach
d) mouth

Which section produces bile and enzymes that break down toxins and waste?
a) liver
b) pancreas
c) stomach
d) large intestine

What organ grinds food and begins digestion with saliva?
a) esophagus
b) small intestine
c) gall bladder
d) mouth

Which organ completes digestion and absorbs nutrients?
a) large intestine
b) stomach
c) rectum/anus
d) small intestine

Which organ helps regulate blood sugar?
a) pancreas
b) liver
c) stomach
d) mouth

Which organ absorbs water from solid waste?
a) small intestine
b) pancreas
c) large intestine
d) liver

Which organ is the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach?
a) mouth
b) esophagus
c) liver
d) small intestine

Which organ is a small sac that holds bile?
a) gall bladder
b) stomach
c) pancreas
d) esophagus

Which of the following is an example of mechanical digestion?
a) the esophagus moves food to the stomach
b) enzymes break down food
c) bile breaks up fat molecules
d) teeth grind up food

Which of the following is an example of chemical digestion?
a) Saliva breaks down food in the mouth
b) Teeth grind food
c) The stomach muscles contract
d) The large intestine absorbs water

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