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a three-part structure that makes up nucleic acid molecules (DNA and RNA)
a) nucleotide
b) nitrogen bases
c) allele
d) gene

often symbolized by base's firtst letter; bases that bond together are complementary
a) RNA
b) nitrogen bases
c) gamete
d) genome

What is DNA?
a) deoxyribonucleic acid
b) deoxyrecessivenucleic acid
c) transcription
d) allele

carries genetic information from parent cell in mitosis or meiosis, controls a cell's activities, specifies the organism's traits, and is two strands twisted into a double helix which are connected by nitrogen bases
a) RNA
b) mutation
c) DMA
d) DNA

nucleic acid that uses genetic information from DNA to produce proteins; structure is one strand
a) codon
b) DNA
c) RNA
d) bacteria

What does thymine pair with in DNA?
a) adenine
b) uracil
c) cytosine
d) guanine

What does adenine pair with in RNA?
a) guanine
b) thymine
c) uracil
d) cytosine

What pairs with guanine in both DNA and RNA?
a) cytosine
b) adenine
c) thymine
d) uracil

Deoxyribose and ribose are both _________?
a) genomes
b) phosphate groups
c) sugars
d) homozygous

genetic information from a parent cell is done in
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) gamete
d) phenotypes

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