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What is the sum of 648 and 916?
a) 268
b) 1,564
c) 1,554
d) 1,464

There are 4,773 books in the library and 2,095 books in the classrooms. How many books are there in all?
a) 2,678
b) 6,858
c) 7,868
d) 6,868

Mrs. Rice read 364 pages in her book on Monday and 2,004 pages in her book on Tuesday. How many pages did she read in all?
a) 2,368
b) 1,640
c) 2,468
d) 2,237

What is 3,948 + 2,184?
a) 6,122
b) 5,132
c) 6,032
d) 6,132

Mrs. Fitzgerald found $2,149 in her drawer. Then Mr. Fisher gave her another $1,039 for doing such a good job. How much money does she have now?
a) 3,178
b) 3,188
c) 3,189
d) 1,11o

Paul went to the store. He bought 528 toys. Then he went to mall and bought 1,078 toys. How many toys does he have now?
a) 1,606
b) 1,596
c) 6,358
d) 1,506

What is the sum of 4,298 and 891?
a) 13,208
b) 5,089
c) 5,199
d) 5,189

Joe had 994 cookies. He got 672 more. How many cookies does he have now?
a) 322
b) 1,666
c) 1,566
d) 666

What is 198 + 1,098?
a) 1,296
b) 1,298
c) 1,286
d) 1,196

Is it 2,437 miles to Rome and 1,598 miles from Rome to China. How many miles would you travel if you went to Rome and then China?
a) 839
b) 3,035
c) 831
d) 4,035

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