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depressions on the Moon caused by the impact of meteorites
a) craters
b) full moon
c) new moon
d) solar eclipse

Moon phase in which none of the lighted surface of the Moon can be seen from Earth
a) new moon
b) craters
c) full moon
d) solar eclipse

caused by Earth's coming between the Sun and the Moon and casting its shadow on the Moon
a) full moon
b) solar eclipse
c) lunar eclipse
d) craters

Moon phases in which the amount of lighted surface seen on Earth increases
a) waxing
b) axis
c) rotation
d) revolution

imaginary line extending between the poles around which Earth spins
a) axis
b) rotation
c) yes
d) no

turning of Earth on its axis
a) rotation
b) axis
c) waxing
d) revolution

changing appearances of the Moon from Earth
a) axis
b) revolution
c) Moon phases
d) rotation

Earth's yearly orbit around the Sun
a) waxing
b) axis
c) rotation
d) revolution

Why does the Moon shine?
a) Because it is reflecting the light of the Sun.
b) Because it reflects the light of the Earth.
c) Because its hot, molten core burns from within..
d) Because two prominences have combined to form a solar flare.

____ telescopes collect and record radio waves given off by some objects in space.
a) Radio
b) Optical
c) Refracting
d) Reflecting

Optical telescopes include ____.
a) reflecting telescopes and refracting telescopes
b) reflecting telescopes only
c) refracting telescopes only
d) radio telescopes only

In a ____ telescope, light passes through convex lenses.
a) reflecting
b) Hubble
c) refracting
d) shuttle

The spiral shape of the Milky Way Galaxy CANNOT be seen from Earth because ____.
a) we are located above the galaxy
b) we are located within one of its spiral arms
c) our view is blocked by the Sun
d) none of the above

The Sun produces energy by ____ in its core.
a) carbon
b) helium
c) nuclear fusion
d) oxygen

A group of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity is a ____.
a) galaxy
b) constellation
c) Local Group
d) both a and b

Dark, cooler areas on the Sun's surface are called ____.
a) sunspots
b) solar flares
c) coronas
d) prominences

A galaxy that has a shape similar to a football is a(n) ____ galaxy.
a) normal spiral
b) barred spiral
c) elliptical
d) irregular

caused by the Moon's being between the Sun and Earth and casting its shadow on Earth
a) solar eclipse
b) lunar eclipse
c) full moon
d) craters

phase in which all of the lighted side of the Moon can be seen from Earth
a) full moon
b) craters
c) solar eclipse
d) lunar eclipse

greenhouse effect causes extremely high surface temperatures
a) Jupiter
b) Venus
c) Saturn
d) Pluto

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