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What is water found below Earth's surface?
a) glacial water
b) surface water
c) groundwater
d) sinkhole water

What is it called when a stream deposits sediment in a fan-shaped pattern?
a) floodplain
b) delta
c) sinkhole
d) Karst topography

What is a large mass of moving ice?
a) glacier
b) alluvial fan
c) delta
d) Slurpee

What can form when groundwater dissolves rock?
a) floodplain
b) delta
c) glacier
d) cave

What is a flat area caused by moving water that erodes and deposits sediments?
a) floodplain
b) cave
c) sinkhole
d) glacier

What is irregular landscape that forms on soluble rock?
a) delta
b) floodplain
c) Karst topography
d) glacial drift

What is a circular depression that forms when the roof of a cave falls in?
a) sinkhole
b) delta
c) alluvial fan
d) caves and deltas

What is a fan-shaped sediment deposit that forms on dry land?
a) delta
b) glacier
c) alluvial fan
d) floodplain

What was formed by the Colorado River cutting into rock?
a) Niagra Falls
b) The Great Lakes
c) Mount Everest
d) Grand Canyon

What are materials called that are carried and deposited by a glacier?
a) groundwater
b) glacial drift
c) sediment
d) rocks and minerals

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