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Saturated is a term used to describe
a) concentration
b) pH
c) polarity
d) solubility

Dilute is a term used to describe
a) concentration
b) pH
c) polarity
d) solubility

Evaporation, a physical change, could be used to separate the components of a(n)
a) substance
b) mixture
c) element
d) compound

A pH meter contains electrodes that are sensitive to the
a) hydroxide ion concentration in a solution
b) color change of bromthymol blue
c) solubility of solutes in solution
d) hydronium ion concentration in a solution

For something to be classified as a substance rather than a mixture, its component parts must be
a) present in variable amounts
b) chemically bonded
c) physically mixed
d) visible to the unaided eye

An indicator shows a solution's pH by changing
a) color
b) shape
c) size
d) temperature

Temperature and pressure are two factors that can change the
a) concentration of a solution
b) speed that solutes dissolve
c) solubility of a solute
d) polarity of a molecule

What tells us how much solute has dissolved?
a) solubility
b) polarity
c) clarity
d) concentration

Which is not a way that mixtures are different from compounds?
a) they contain atoms
b) their composition varies
c) they are physically mixed
d) they can be separated by physical means

Which phrase describes the parts of a heterogeneous mixture but not the parts of a solution?
a) evenly mixed at the atomic level
b) chemically bonded
c) single type of atom
d) unevenly mixed

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