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Dilute is a term that is used to describe the
a) solubility of a solute
b) pH of a solution
c) type of mixture
d) concentration of a solution

Adding more solute to a solution changes the
a) polarity of the solute molecules
b) type of mixture
c) solubility of the solute
d) concentration of the solution

Homogeneous mixture is another name for a
a) substance
b) solution
c) solute
d) solvent

Matter that is always composed of the same combination of atoms is a
a) substance
b) solution
c) solvent
d) mixture

Solutions and heterogeneous mixtures have
a) compositions that are always the same
b) individual parts that can be seen without a microscope
c) parts that are physically mixed
d) parts that are chemically bonded to one another

Dividing the mass of the solute by the volume of the solution tells you the
a) composition of the compound
b) pH of the solution
c) solubility of the solute
d) concentration of the solution

Which item could be separated into its component parts only by using a chemical change?
a) air
b) table salt
c) granite
d) salt water

As the concentration of hydroxide atoms in a solution increases, its pH
a) stays the same
b) decreases
c) increases
d) changes by 1

What refers to how much can dissolve?
a) concentration
b) solute
c) pH
d) solubility

An indicator is used to measure the
a) speed at which a solute dissolves
b) number of components in a mixture
c) pH of a solution
d) solubility of a substance

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