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Making work schedules, taking X-rays, and updating computer systems are classified as types of:
a) basic skills
b) personal qualities
c) foundation skills
d) workplace-specific skills

Which is an example of using teamwork skills to make work more effective?
a) Conducting an experiment
b) Emailing information
c) Developing a project with coworkers
d) Researching

Picking out clothes to wear, writing songs, and doing an experiment are examples of what foundation skills category?
a) Basic Skills
b) Personal Qualities
c) Social Skills
d) Thinking Skills

Which is an example of using adaptability skills to make work more effective?
a) Agreeing to work later than scheduled
b) Complaining about a new work schedule
c) Organizing files
d) Typing reports

Scarlet needs to use problem-solving skills to make her job more effective. Which skill could she use?
a) Editing a document
b) Creating work plans
c) Trading offices
d) talking with co-workers about a disagreement

Which work program enables emplyees to work at home by connecting electronically to central office?
a) job sharing
b) telecommuting
c) flexible
d) fringe benefits

Charlie worked in the same plant for fifteen years. In six months, his department will move overseas. What worl of work change has contributed to this move?
a) Global economy
b) Technology
c) Society
d) Workplace trends

Which is an example of a non-traditional career for a man?
a) Day Care Worker
b) Plumber
c) Lawyer
d) Accountant

Sam donates his time on weekends, feeding the homeless and reading to the elderly. These are examples of which type of work?
a) Job
b) Occupation
c) Career
d) Volunteer

Being on time to meetings, being a team player, and being flexible on the job are all examples of:
a) basic skills
b) organizing skills
c) interpersonal skills
d) transferable skills

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