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Which term identifies a single unit of hereditary information?
a) nucleus
b) sperm
c) egg
d) gene

During which process do cells use oxygen to release stored energy?
a) circulation
b) digestion
c) respiration
d) photosynthesis

Growth and repair in the multicellular organisms are the result of
a) locomotion
b) excretion
c) cell division
d) decomposition

Cancer is best described as
a) abnormal cell division
b) natural selection
c) bacterial infection
d) biological adaption

Which human organ system produces most of the hormones that regulate body functions?
a) endocrine
b) nervous
c) circulatory
d) digestive

Infectious diseases are caused by
a) microorganisms
b) chemical spills
c) vitamin deficiencies
d) allergies

Some one-celled organisms can reproduce by the process of
a) cell division
b) fertilization
c) hormone secretion
d) metamorphosis

The interaction of the skeletal and muscular systems to produce locomotion is coordinated by which human body system?
a) respiratory
b) nervous
c) excretory
d) circulatory

What is the main function of the circulatory system?
a) produce hormones
b) digest proteins
c) secrete enzymes
d) transport materials

The main function of the human digestive system is to
a) break down foods for absorption into the blood
b) exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs
c) release energy from sugars within the cells
d) carry nutrients to all parts of the body

Some one-celled organisms can reproduce by the process of
a) fertilization
b) hormone secretion
c) cell division
d) adaption

In animal skin tissue, cell division is responsible for
a) growth and repair
b) sexual reproduction
c) obtaining energy
d) production of sex cells

In a one-celled organism, cell division is responsible for
a) sexual reproduction
b) production of sex cells
c) growth
d) asexual reproduction

The basic life functions of an organism are carried on by
a) nutrients
b) hormones
c) cells
d) atoms

Compared to the amount of hereditary information in a human body cell, how much hereditary information is contained in a human sex cell?
a) one-quarter the amount
b) the same amount
c) twice the amount
d) one-half the amount

Each body cell of a goldfish contains 94 chromosomes. Howmany chromosomes are contained in a goldfish sex cell?
a) 23
b) 47
c) 94
d) 188

Asexually produced offspring are genetically
a) identical to the parent
b) different from the parent
c) different from each other
d) formed by two parents

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