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Which branch of government makes laws?
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial
d) Presidential

From the British perspective what was the major purpose of the Stamp Act?
a) TO prevent further conflict between the Colonists and the Natives
b) To limit the import of expensive printed materials
c) Britain needed tax revenue to pay war debts form the French and Indian War
d) Made it easier for British to make money off of Colonial exports

Imagine that you are a patriot living in Boston in the 1770's. Which of the following would anger you the most?
a) The Boston Tea Party
b) The Sugar Act
c) The creation of the First Continental Congress
d) The appointment of George Washington as general

Which good was NOT exported from the New England Colonies to England?
a) Fur
b) Lumber
c) Fish
d) Spices

Which of the following excerpts defends the enlightenment principals of natural rights?
a) We the people...
b) ... all men are created equal
c) No taxation without representation
d) I regret that I only have one life to lose for my country

What was the VA company's main purpose for founding a settlement in Jamestown?
a) To provide religious freedom
b) To establish good relationships with the Natives
c) TO establish a base for westward expansion
d) TO profit economically from trade and discovery

Which phrase best describes the main idea found in Thomas Pain's pamphlet Common Sense
a) Give me liberty or give me death
b) No taxation without representation
c) We hold these truths to be self-evident
d) The shot heard round the world

What was the significance of the Land Ordinance of 1785?
a) It outlined a process by which a territory could become a state
b) Made it legal to settle in the Northwest territory
c) Encouraged westward expansion
d) Divided land into the Northwest Territory

Which president is responsible for passing the Indian Removal Act?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) George Washington
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which event demonstrates the principal of Manifest Destiny?
a) President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from France
b) Spain closed the port of New Orleans
c) Britain controlled parts of the Oregon Country
d) The US gave up its claim to FL.

Which of the following statements would a member of Alexander Hamilton's political party most likely agree?
a) The powers of the Federal Government should be limited
b) The US should form a strong alliance with France
c) Individual States should be in charge of banking
d) The Government has powers implied but not directly mentions in the Constitution (Strong Fed. Gvt)

The Compromise of 1850 created regional differences in the US based on which characteristics?
a) Republican or Democrat
b) North or South
c) Free or Slave
d) Industrial or Agricultural

Which statement describes one way that industrialization changed settlement patterns in the US?
a) More people began to make their living by farming.
b) People moved from urban to rural areas to escape crowded conditions
c) People began to move freely from one region to another
d) People moved from rural to urban areas to find work in factories

In the late 1600's and early 1700's which of the following formed a physical barrier to westward expansion
a) The Rocky Mts.
b) The Appalachian Mts.
c) Mississippi River
d) The Great Lakes

Which statement does Not describe a part of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
a) A man with 50 acres of land could vote
b) When a territory's population reached 5,000 free adult men it could elect a legislature
c) Each state would be allowed to decide if it was free or slave
d) After the number of free adult men reached 60,000 the territory could become a state

Which term describes the theory that colonies exist solely to increase the wealth of the Home Country?
a) Nationalism
b) Mercantilism
c) Imperialism
d) Nativism

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