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The distance traveled by a moving object per unit of time is called
a) motion
b) velocity
c) direction
d) speed

Speed that does not change is referred to as
a) changing speed
b) regular speed
c) constant speed
d) slope speed

The statement that the motion of a hurricane is 20 kilometers per hour is an easterly direction is a description of the hurricane's
a) velocity
b) speed
c) direction
d) motion

A speed of 15 kilometers per hour is abbreviated at 15
a) m/s
b) km/s
c) km/m
d) km/h

Acceleration is the rate of change in
a) speed
b) direction
c) velocity
d) km/h

If two lines appear on the same motion graph, the line with the steeper _____ indicates a greater speed.
a) speed
b) slope
c) direction
d) increasing

Origin is defined as
a) a fixed reference point
b) the location of an object compared to a reference point
c) an object on a line
d) direction

Distance can be found by
a) distance divided by time
b) distance divided by speed
c) speed multiplied by distance
d) speed multiplied by time

Slope is defined as
a) coordinates
b) rise over run
c) motion
d) x and y axis

North is
a) negative and up
b) positive and down
c) positive and up
d) negative and down

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