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In 1922 which leader came to power?
a) Hitler
b) Mussolini
c) Tojo
d) Stalin

On December 16, 1944, what battle was fought
a) Battle of DDay
b) Battle of the Bulge
c) Battle of Leyte Gulf
d) Pearl Harbor

What happened on Sept. 2nd 1945
a) Germany Surrenders
b) Japan Surrenders
c) Soviets Defeat Germany at Stalingrad
d) Germany invades poland-start of the warI

In 1938 Germany takes
a) rhineland and ethiopia
b) poland and ethiopia
c) austria and sudenland
d) austria and poland

In 1933 who comes to power
a) Hitler
b) Stalin
c) Mussolini
d) tojo

The US joins the war on
a) Sept. 1 1939
b) June 14 1940
c) December 11 1941
d) December 7 1941

Japan takes Manchuria in
a) 1922
b) 1931
c) 1933
d) 1936

On June 14, 1940, Germany captures
a) Rhineland
b) Poland
c) Britian
d) Paris

In 1937, who comes to power
a) Tojo
b) Stalin
c) Hitler
d) Mussolini

On June 7, 1942 the US defeats Japan at Midway. On what day did the Soviets defeat the Germans at Stalingrad?
a) July 26 1945
b) May 8 1945
c) June 6 1944
d) Feb 2 1943

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