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Life expectancy in Russia is low because of
a) nuclear radiaton.
b) pollution.
c) lack of clean water and proper nutrition.
d) poor health care.

During the 1930s, Soviet policies in Ukraine led to
a) the breakup of collective farms.
b) people being sent from cities to work on collectives.
c) millions of Ukrainians dying of hunger.
d) rapid industrialization.

Since the collapse of the communist government, the biggest change in Poland has been in the country's
a) culture.
b) economy.
c) educational system.
d) transportation system.

After the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, Russia struggled to make the transition from communism to
a) socialism
b) capitalism
c) imperialism
d) pragmatism

Yugoslavia was divided into smaller units called
a) provinces.
b) states.
c) republics.
d) satellites.

What religion has been at the center of Polish tradition for centuries?
a) Judaism
b) Lutheran
c) Roman Catholic
d) Polish Orthodox

Why is Chernobyl famous?
a) It is the region with rich, black soil that makes Ukraine so productive.
b) An explosion at a nuclear power plant contaminated soil and water for miles around.
c) A pipeline carrying oil broke at Chernobyl, and thousands of barrels of oil were lost.
d) It is Ukraine's major seaport.

Ukraine's busiest industrial center is
a) Kreschchatik
b) Kiev
c) Kharkiv
d) Chernobyl

What happened to Poland at the end of World War I?
a) It was controlled by Germany and Austria
b) It was divided up among its stronger neighbors.
c) It gained freedom.
d) It fell under the influence of the Soviet Union.

Under Soviet rule, what was the official language of Ukraine?
a) Russian
b) Polish
c) Ukranian
d) English

Which of the following countries was NOT formerly a part of Yugoslavia?
a) Serbia
b) Albania
c) Croatia
d) Slovenia

Which of Yugoslavia's ethnic groups is mainly Muslim?
a) Serbs
b) Slovenes
c) Croats
d) Bosniaks

Why did Joseph Stalin break many of Russia's ties with Yugoslavia?
a) Stalin saw Joseph Tito as a strong rival for power in the USSR.
b) Tito wanted to maintain trading relationships with Western countries, as well as with Eastern European nations.
c) Tito refused to follow communist policies and doctrines set forth by Stalin.
d) The people of Yugoslavia refused to support a communist regime

Why would conquering nations or invaders want to capture Ukraine?
a) Its location made it easy to conquer.
b) Ukraine has vast natural resources.
c) Ukraine had weak armies and was unable to defend itself.
d) Ukraine had always allied itself with stronger nations in order to ensure its own safety.

One problem that affects all Russians is
a) illiteracy.
b) overcrowding.
c) corruption.
d) pollution.

During the communist era, Polish schoolchildren were forced to learn what language?
a) Polish
b) English
c) German
d) Russian

In Poland, why was the change to a capitalist economy harder on farmers than on others?
a) The communist government had made sure that farm prices stayed high, and farmers profited.
b) Polish people began to buy food imported from other countries.
c) Many farmers lost their land as the country changed to capitalism.
d) Without the farm machinery provided by the Soviets, Polish farmers could not produce enough food to sell.

How has life changed for people in Siberia since the arrival of free enterprise?
a) They are no longer able to buy their own homes.
b) They are no longer guaranteed a job.
c) There is no longer a demand for the region's natural resources.
d) Most people have left Siberia to find a better life in other regions of Russia.

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