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Organisms compete for abiotic and biotic resources. How does competition affect these resources?
a) Competition can limit or deplete biotic and abiotic resources.
b) Competition can increase biotic resources.
c) Competition can provide abiotic resources for other organisms.
d) Competition only affects biotic resources.

A temperate deciduous forest normally receives 30-60 inches of rain per year. One year, one of these forests went through a drought and only received 20 inches of rain the entire year. The animals that live in the area will probably:
a) Decline in number, but recover when rain levels go back to normal
b) Decline in number and become extinct
c) Grow in number, but return to normal when rain levels go back to normal
d) Grow in number and then become extinct

When does competition occur?
a) When resources are abundant and population density is low
b) When all populations in an ecosystem occupy different niches
c) When the habitat is large and populations are spread out
d) When niches overlap and population numbers are high

Bill wants to set up an experiment to show competition between two populations of organisms. He wants to change one natural resource as the variable. What should his experimental design include?
a) A third population should be introduced.
b) The water supply should be limited.
c) The tools used to collect data should vary.
d) The offspring of the organisms should reproduce.

In a forest, two trees are growing next to each other. One tree is growing strong and tall. The other tree appears weak and small. Which of the following describes two natural resources that both trees compete for in this area?
a) Quantity of light and nutrients
b) Root length and strength
c) Genetic diversity and water
d) Presence of bird nests and roosting areas

A children's section at a zoo has 10 goats. How could a scientist demonstrate competition between the goats in this area?
a) The scientist could move some of the goats out of the zoo.
b) The scientist could give the goats more than enough food every day.
c) The scientist could give the goats a limited amount of food every day.
d) The scientist could feed one of the goats, but not the others.

A team of scientists want to know if two species are competing for a resource within their natural environment. What data would be most helpful to gather?
a) The cellular structure of each species
b) The DNA of each species
c) The niche requirements of each species
d) The ages of individuals within each species

When is it easiest for a native organism or population to find resources?
a) When there is no competition for resources and population density is low
b) When invasive species populations require the same resources as the native population
c) When resources are limited or depleted
d) When the native population is large

Different species compete for resources in a given area when:
a) The population size of both species is the same.
b) Both species occupy similar niches.
c) Both species have low population density.
d) The populations of both species experience high rates of disease.

When will organisms within the same population compete for resources?
a) When population size is small
b) When organisms in the population are all the same age
c) When predation of organisms is high
d) When there is a high population density

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