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Constantine believed that the Christian god...
a) helped him gain power and defeat Licinius
b) was a threat to Roman authority
c) wanted the Roman capital to remain in Rome
d) only wanted churches built in modern Turkey and Jerusalem

Which of the following describes the helots of Sparta?
a) they fought most of the wars
b) they did the farm work and outnumbered Spartan citizens
c) they led a movement to change the government
d) they were in charge of military training

Jesus taught that God...
a) would not forgive those who sinned
b) was one of many important gods
c) would provide everlasting life for those who followed Jesus' teachings
d) was for Jews to worship but not for Romans.

The difference between poor and wealthy people in Rome was...
a) not too great; most people were in the middle class
b) not too great; most people were poor but still had some luxuries
c) huge; most poor people were slaves or had no jobs
d) airly large but wealthy people didn't show off their wealth in their homes or meals.

Compared to some modern cities, Rome was...
a) Smaller than most modern cities
b) Larger than most modern cities
c) About the same size as some modern cities
d) Much less crowded and noisy

Which of the following statements best describes citizens of Athens and other Greek city-states?
a) They valued their freedoms and took an active role in government
b) They spoke different languages
c) They often overthrew their governments by force
d) They developed the art of war

The proper order of government types in ancient Greece is which of the following?
a) tyrants, aristocratic rule, democracy
b) kingdoms, tyrants, aristocratic rule
c) aristocratic rule, democracy, tyrants
d) tyrants, kingdoms, democracy

In general, Greeks worshiped...
a) several gods and tried to avoid angering them
b) only one god
c) gods by giving money to the church
d) male gods only

Which of the following describes the epics The Iliad and the Odyssey?
a) They tell about the Trojan war and were created by Homer
b) They are accurate accounts of the war between Minoans and Trojans
c) They describe how the Trojan Horse was used
d) They were written by Socrates to help describe Greek gods

How did Greece's physical geography influence its early civilizations?
a) It encouraged the use of rich farmland and contact between cities
b) It forced people to adapt to harsh weather conditions
c) It encouraged people to be sailors and traders yet keeping cities separate
d) It prevented wars because people were concentrated in one area.

Mecca lay on a trade route on the edge of the desert that takes up most of...
a) The red sea
b) Syria
c) The Kabah
d) The Arabian Peninsula

In the earliest days of the Roman Republic plebeians...
a) Were usually senators
b) Could only be elected as consuls
c) formed a group of 300 called representatives
d) could not hold office or be senators

Rome enjoyed peace and prosperity
a) During all of the period of the 5 good emperors
b) during some of the period of the 5 good emperors
c) Immediately after Augustus died in AD 14
d) throughout the 500 years of the Roman Empire

Besides communication, one of the main purposes of Incan roads was to..
a) Keep Workers busy
b) remind later people of the Incas
c) use up tax money
d) allow the army to travel quickly

To honor the gods, the Mayas held grate...
a) mound-building contests
b) quipus
c) festivals
d) outdoor games

The Incas constructed paved roads, massive walls, and mountaintop buildings out of closely fitted...
a) brick
b) stone
c) adobe
d) bronze

How did the Incas keep records?
a) Cut into clay tablets
b) Turkey quills to write on scrolls
c) They used a group of knotted strings called quipu
d) They carved them into stone

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