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In this passage, the word belligerent means -
a) warlike or hostile
b) small and cute
c) very attractive
d) ridiculous

In this passage, the word suggestive means -
a) possibly humorous
b) possibly ludicrous
c) possibly foolish
d) possibly indecent

Based on this passage, a generalization that can be made would be that -
a) meeting new friends online is the same as meeting them in person
b) the Internet has a screening program that protects users
c) one must be careful when using the Internet
d) Internet access will be available in every school by the year 2015

All of the following statements are opinions that can be concluded from the passage EXCEPT -
a) on the internet, businesses usually offer something for nothing, such as gifts
b) it is dangerous to arrange for someone to meet you at your home
c) It is unwise to meet an Internet friend face to face and alone
d) offers of money for nothing should cause you to be cautious

Information in this passage suggests that the FBI has -
a) experience dealing with online crimes and offenses
b) an immense workload
c) the ability to trace messages on your home computer
d) jurisdiction in federal court only

The author of this passage gives you reason to believe that the Internet -
a) is very safe
b) can be dangerous
c) is not well used by teenagers
d) is mostly used by criminals

Information in this passage suggests that with precautions, every child can learn to -
a) use the Internet as a safe form of communication
b) type efficiently
c) send pictures over the Internet
d) enter a chat room

The author's purpose in this passage is to -
a) warn children and parent about the credit card crimes using the Internet
b) identify the abuses of Internet access, and list the fines involved in fraud
c) alert children to the dangers of the Internet and suggest ways to protect themselves
d) provide families a discussion of the downfalls of Internet chat rooms

The author of this passage probably -
a) is an Internet user who frequently misrepresents him or herself
b) works for the FBI
c) works with children and parents on a daily basis in a library
d) writes material for Star Magazine and Ranthan Book Clubs

Which of these is the best summary of this passage?
a) Using the Internet can be a lot of fun.
b) Internet usage is continually increasing.
c) Do not give out personal information or participate in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable when using the Internet.
d) The Internet is an excellent reference and valuable resource of information for a variety of events and general knowledge.

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