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In the last paragraph, the phrase 'in this way' means -
a) with the help of friends
b) as a result
c) after the hardships
d) by following rules

In paragraph 11, which word best helps the reader know the meaning of uproot?
a) nothing
b) mountain
c) against
d) blow

The reader can conclude that the messengers are persistent because -
a) they travel all day until they find a wife they believe is suitable for the exceptional mouse
b) they are not afraid of the sun who is exceptionally larger than they are
c) they are smart enough to know they should follow the advice of a creature bigger than they are
d) they recognize that the white mouse needs a special wife

What can the reader infer about what the Sun, Wind, and Mountain think of the white mouse?
a) he is rude because he sends his family to ask for a wife instead of going himself
b) he is having a difficult time finding a wife because he is so ugly
c) he is special because he looks a little different and is more beautiful that everyone else
d) he is foolish because he is trying to find a wife to match his exceptional qualities outside of his race

Which of the following statements would the author most likely agree with?
a) you can't judge a book by it's cover, you have to actually read it
b) sometimes the thing you want most is in your own backkyard
c) you can never trust anyone to tell the truth outside of your family
d) watch your back as your never know what might happen

What is the main idea of paragraphs 4-7?
a) the sun talks to the messengers and then sends them to see the mountain, who is stronger
b) the sun talks to the messengers and then sends them to see the Wind, who is stronger
c) the sun and the messengers disagree in who is really the strongest and the mouse doesn't know who he should believe
d) the sun feels that the mouse should have the perfect wife and helps select her

Which of these is the best summary of this selection?
a) Mouse messengers try to find a husband for their mouse. The search leads them to Sun, Wind, Mountain and finally a family.
b) The mouse family searches for a wife for their son. The search leads them to Sun, Wind, Mountain and finally a family.
c) A mouse wants to be married, so he sends his parents to find a wife. The mouse is happy when a beautiful mouse is found.
d) The Sun, Wind, and Mountain debate who will make the best wife. After a battle, a beautiful wife is chosen.

Which of the following sentences from the selection shows that the sun is good-natured?
a) For there is a family stronger than mine. It is the family of the wind.
b) It is true that the young mouse should have just the right wife. But, alas, you have come to the wrong house.
c) The sun though a little and smiled at the messengers. That is a good thought.
d) Only your family can give us a wife for him, for your family is the greatest and the strongest in the world.

One reason the author might have chosen to use the Sun, Wind, and Mountain as characters in this selection is to -
a) make the reader laugh at the fact that the Sun, Wind, and Mountain could talk to mice
b) show that the Sun, Wind, and Mountain have traits just like animals
c) show how small mice are in relation to themselves
d) show that the mice wanted to find a wife among the most powerful forces of nature

The reader can conclude that the mountain welcomes the visit of the messengers because -
a) the mountain was bigger and better than the sun and wind
b) the mountain gives the messengers food and asks them if he can give them anything else
c) the mountain was trying to trick the mice into giving up their season
d) the mountain greets the messengers in a friendly manner and asks caring questions

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