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In paragraph 11, which phrase helps the reader know the meaning of thrilled?
a) to get something
b) don't need at all
c) means so very much
d) have everything I need

Why does the author use Agnes' unexpected reaction to a useless old spoon as the climax in the plot development?
a) so Horace can be rid of the spoon once and for all
b) so Agnes won't feel bad with a useless old spoon
c) so Horace can learn a valuable lesson about happiness
d) so Agnes can realize that the spoon is actually worth a lot of money

What was the significance of the change in Horace's attitude by the end of the story?
a) Horace's words and actions toward others became positive
b) Agnes and Horace began to visit daily
c) Horace began to save money to buy another silver spoon
d) Horace's change in attitude was only temporary

The reader can conclude that Horace Zurlo is ill-tempered because -
a) he would cisit Agnes once or twice a year
b) the author describes all of his undesirable qualities
c) he was grateful for his surprise birthday party
d) Horace moved to a place without busy bodies

The author probably feels that Horace -
a) should keep the spoon for himself since it was his grandmother's
b) can never be happy because he is so old
c) has learned a valuable lesson about happiness
d) was silly to take the spoon out of his house

The main idea of paragraphs 4-7 is the old man -
a) takes number 87 bus to Rosenbaum's so he can sell his spoon to buy happiness
b) decides the time is right for him to sell his silver spoon to buy happiness
c) was almost hit by a taxi and he drops his fanny pack with the spoon which gets run over by a garbage truck
d) was silly to take the spoon out of his house

What is the best summary for this passage?
a) An old man is searching for happiness. He wants to sell the spoon to buy happiness. He learns that giving helps him feel joy.
b) An old man is searching for happiness. He wants to sell the spoon to buy happiness, but is gets damaged by a garbage truck.
c) An 83 year old man is determined to sell the spoon for find happiness. He goes to the store to sell the spoon.
d) An old man inherits a spoon from his mother. He finally decides to sell the spoon, but on the way it gets damaged.

How might the moral of the story be paraphrased?
a) friends are nicer than relatives
b) you need money to be happy
c) happiness can't be found -especially with a silver spoon
d) money doesn't guarantee happiness

Which sentence states an opinion from the story?
a) He got off the bus and waited for the light to say Walk! ...
b) After a while, everyone just came to the conclusion that Horace liked being unhappy ...
c) So while he waited, he would periodically go down to the cellar behind the shelves of canned vegetables ...
d) He really didn't like her all that much, but she had been his mother's favorite niece ...

According to the passage, it is a fact that the neighbors -
a) did not like Horace
b) wanted Horace to get rid of the spoon
c) were secretly happy when the spoon got run over
d) wanted to make Horace happy

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