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The research question can be turned into a sentence that is a testable statement. This important piece of the scientific method is called a
a) Hypothesis
b) Hypotenuse
c) Conclusion
d) Independent variable

Scientific problems are a description of what is being investigated and are always written in what form?
a) Exclamation
b) If…then statement
c) Reverse logic
d) Question

When we use one type of living organism to control the population growth of a different type of organism, this is called
a) Chemical regulation
b) Biological control
c) Biochemical warfare
d) Selective breeding

When more organisms need the same resource that is available in limited quantities, what process occurs to determine who gets the resource?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Mitosis
c) Evolution
d) Competition

What term describes the number of individuals that can survive on the resources that are present in an ecosystem?
a) Survivability
b) Resource potential
c) Carrying capacity
d) Exponential growth

When a species is moved from its native habitat into a new ecosystem it is referred to as an
a) Equilibrated species
b) Embryonic species
c) Introduced species
d) Environmental species

Why can introduced species be very detrimental to the ecosystems they are released into?
a) They can cause imbalance in the food web
b) They provide a food source for predators
c) They compete for mates with native species
d) They are never problematic

The increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, in the troposphere have led to
a) Increased genetic diversity
b) Acid rain
c) Global warming
d) Ozone depletion

Destruction of which of earth’s atmospheric layers allows more potentially damaging ultraviolet rays to reach Earth?
a) Ozone
b) Lithosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Hemisphere

The emission by factories of which two gases is the major source of acid rain?
a) Carbon dioxide and water vapor
b) Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur Oxides
c) Oxygen and methane
d) Pesticides and helium

What human activity has caused the disruption of balance in many ecosystems and the endangerment of many species?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Pollution
c) Resource conservation
d) Nutrient limitation

What is the major cause of the depletion of Earth’s resources and an increase in environmental damage?
a) An increase in the sun’s light production
b) A decrease in carnivore populations
c) A decrease in energy consumption
d) Human population growth

What type of growth has the human population shown in the last 60 years?
a) Logistic
b) Decreasing
c) Exponential
d) Incremental

What process describes changes that occur in the community of a particular area over long periods of time?
a) Mitosis
b) Natural selection
c) Genetic isolation
d) Ecological succession

Ecosystems that have climax communities will remain stable unless there is some sort of
a) Overproduction of offspring
b) Disruption
c) Carrying capacity
d) Biome

All of the different populations of living organisms in an area make up the
a) ecosystem
b) niche
c) habitat
d) troposphere

Sunlight, temperature, rocks, water and air are all
a) Biotic factors
b) Abiotic factors
c) Essential nutrients
d) Pioneer species

The stable assemblage of plants and animals that can arise through the process of ecological succession is the
a) Intermediate species
b) Carrying capacity
c) Pioneer species
d) Climax community

What type of ecosystem would be characterized by a complex food chain and high biodiversity?
a) Unstable
b) Stable
c) Endangered
d) Lunar

Temperate Deciduous Forests of New York State, and other areas that have similar climatic conditions, plants, and animals are all part of the same
a) Habitat
b) Biome
c) Community
d) Carrying capacity

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