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This substance makes up most of the hards parts of a plant.
a) fat
b) cellulose
c) protein
d) water

A plant releases this gas as a by-product of photosynthesis.
a) carbon dioxide
b) carbon
c) oxygen
d) hydrogen

Over time, a tree grows from a tiny seed. What is responsible for most of the tree's mass as it grows?
a) sunlight
b) water
c) carbon dioxide
d) nutrients from the soil

What part of the plant regulates gases moving into and out of the plant?
a) stem
b) roots
c) branches
d) stomata

Glucose is a substance made during photosynthesis. What elements make up glucose?
a) hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen
b) hydrogen, nitrogen, sugar
c) oxygen, carbon, fat
d) hydrogen, oxygen

What energy do plants use to make food?
a) carbon dioxide
b) water
c) sunlight
d) heat

All of the following are substances that plants can make from the elements needed during photosynthesis except?
a) sugars
b) starches
c) fats
d) DNA

What other matter besides water does a plant use to make food?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) nitrogen
d) sunlight

Plants are unique because......
a) they can convert light energy to chemical energy
b) they produce carbon dioxide
c) they convert heat energy to light energy
d) they can convert chemical energy to light energy

All of the following are true of plants except
a) They can make their own food
b) They convert light energy to chemical energy.
c) They release oxygen
d) They are carbon sources.

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