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Changes to schools, classrooms, students, and teachers designed to improve our nation’s schools and make them better places for promoting student learning best describes which of the following?
a) Standards
b) No Child Left Behind
c) Accountability
d) Reform

The current reform movement in our country is most commonly traced to which of the following events in American history?
a) The Vietnam War
b) The Civil Rights movement
c) The publication of A Nation at Risk
d) The election of George W. Bush as president

Statements that describe what students should know or be able to do at the end of a period of study are best described as:
a) assessments.
b) performances.
c) rubrics.
d) standards.

Which of the following is the best description of the No Child Left Behind Act?
a) It is an amendment to the National Education Association Code of Ethics.
b) It is one of the InTASC principles.
c) It is an attempt by several states to increase the professionalism of teaching.
d) It is an accountability reform sponsored by the federal government.

Of the following, which is the most important factor determining how much students learn?
a) The quality of the teacher: How effectively the teacher teaches
b) The curriculum: What students study
c) School leadership: The quality of school principals and other administrators
d) School facilities: The physical plant and access to technology and other support services

The process of assessing teachers’ classroom performance and providing feedback they can use to increase their expertise is best described as:
a) teacher professional development.
b) a school improvement model.
c) teacher evaluation.
d) in-service teacher training.

Current reforms in teacher evaluation have three goals. Which of the following is not one of those goals?
a) Certifying that teachers are adequately utilizing modern technology in their classrooms
b) Verifying that veterans are doing a competent job in their classrooms
c) Certifying that a beginning teacher has the skills needed to manage a classroom and promote student learning.
d) Identifying and rewarding exemplary performance

A 1st year teacher learns that her students' performance on the state's mandated tests will be taken into account during his evaluation and also when determining if he will be awarded tenure in the district. This process describes the application of:
a) observational models of teacher evaluation.
b) No Child Left Behind models of teacher evaluation.
c) professional development models of teacher evaluation.
d) value-added models of teacher evaluation.

The process of offering teachers higher salaries and bonuses for taking on extra responsibilities, working in high-need areas, or performing in an exemplary way, is best described as:
a) a pay-for-performance system.
b) a reward based on a value-added model of teacher evaluation.
c) a professional reward system.
d) a professional development system.

Status granted to teachers after a probationary period (typically three years), indicating that employment is essentially permanent, is best described as:
a) teacher tenure.
b) pay-for-performance.
c) professional status.
d) value-added reward.

Of the following, which statement most accurately describes research results that have examined the influence on student learning of providing merit pay for teachers? A consistent body of research:
a) indicates that merit pay for teachers has resulted in significantly increased student learning in all content areas.
b) indicates that merit pay has resulted in increased learning in reading and math but is inconclusive in other content areas
c) found that this merit pay approach to reform has had little or no positive effect on student learning and achievement.
d) found that this merit pay for teachers approach to reform has sharply reduced student learning.

When you begin teaching, you will be required to work with standards in the content areas you teach. When working with standards, what will be your first task?
a) Interpreting the meaning of the standard
b) Designing learning activities to help your students meet the mandates of the standard
c) Designing assessments to help determine whether your students have met the standard
d) Deciding how to integrate the standard with other content areas

The process of requiring students to demonstrate that they have met specified standards and holding teachers responsible for students’ performance is best described as:
a) standardization.
b) criterion referencing.
c) accountability.
d) high-stakes testing.

The mechanism used to ensure that students have met standards is:
a) effective instruction.
b) instructional supervision.
c) effective leadership.
d) standardized testing.

Of the following, which is likely to be the most direct impact of high-stakes testing on you as a teacher?
a) Your school may be graded A, B, C, D, or F, and a stigma is attached to teaching in a school given a low grade.
b) You will be confronted with negative student attitudes when preparing them for the tests because they don't like them.
c) Your principal is likely to supervise you very closely because principals are under pressure to improve student performance.
d) States are considering or have already passed legislation that ties your salary to your students’ performance on the tests.

Of the following, which statement best describes the reason for the reform effort, the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)?
a) A number of the states in our country haven’t created standards in the core content areas (such as reading and math)
b) Educators in different states in our country have expressed strong disagreements about how standards should be written.
c) Standards have only been written for reading and math, and they’re needed in other content areas.
d) The standards created by the states in our country vary significantly in quality and rigor.

Of the following, which is the best description of 'Race to the Top?'
a) A reform to increase the rigor of the standards made by each state in our country for the most important content areas.
b) A US Dept of Ed competition for each state designed to spur innovation and reforms in state and local district K-12 education
c) A revision of the Common Core Standards to closely align national standards with standards written by the different states.
d) A reform effort to identify the 'top' students in high schools and encourage them to consider teaching as a career.

Which of the following terms best describes a variety of programs designed to let families send their children to schools other than the school the children are assigned to attend based on the neighborhoods in which they live?
a) Charter schools
b) Race to the Top
c) KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools
d) School choice

Of the following, which is the most common reason parents choose to home-school their children?
a) Parents believe that schools provide their children with an inadequate education.
b) Parents believe that home schooling will allow children to better develop socially and personally than they would in schools.
c) Parents are concerned about the existing moral climate in most schools.
d) Parents home-school their children primarily for financial reasons

Which of the following most accurately describes the performance of home-schooled students on standardized tests compared to students in public schools? Home-schooled students typically score significantly:
a) higher than public school students on standardized tests.
b) higher than public school students on standardized tests in reading, but lower on standardized tests in math.
c) higher than public school students on standardized tests in basic skill areas, like reading and math but lower in other areas
d) lower than public school students on standardized tests.

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