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Which one is an AAAWWUBBIS word?
a) After
b) But
c) Is
d) Science

What is the best explanation of an independent clause
a) A fragment
b) A complete sentence
c) A group of words
d) An essay where you explain what someone else believes

Which prompt could you see on the IA if they want you to write an expository essay?
a) Write about a time when you were shocked.
b) Write an essay about the country of New Zealand.
c) Write a story about a man who travels to Mars.
d) Write an essay about whether it's better to get an allowance or earn your money on your own.

What is one thing you want to remember to do on ALL of your essays?
a) Draw a picture when brainstorming
b) Write a controlling idea
c) Use dialogue
d) Write indented, quality paragraphs

Whic one of these statements is a DEPENDENT clause?
a) A mountain shaped-asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
b) Who are you?
c) Before you go
d) The best way to make the birds angry is to take thier eggs.

Which answer choice correctly uses a hyphen?
a) A mountain shaped-asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
b) A mountain shaped-asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
c) A mountain-shaped asteroid is hurtling towards Earth.
d) A mountain shaped asteroid is hurtling towards-Earth.

Can someone read the prompts out loud to you on the day of the STAAR test?
a) Only one of them
b) Never!
c) Yes
d) I don't know

What is a writing cheat sheet?
a) I have no idea - it sounds illegal
b) A paper you make that has all the strategies we've learned this year on it.
c) A blank piece of paper
d) A list of the answers for the STAAR test

Which sentence is correctly using a semicolon?
a) You can do it; just make sure you are doing your best.
b) When you try; anything can happen.
c) Trying to skate; is impossible.
d) None of the above

When do you draw a story plot?
a) When you are done with your test
b) When you are doing multiple choice
c) When you are drafting an expository essay
d) When you are drafting a narrative essay

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