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Napoleon was the ____________of France.
a) King
b) Czar
c) Protectorate
d) Emperor

Which country began the Industrial Revolution?
a) Great Britain
b) The United States
c) Russia
d) Germany

What is a territory ruled by a country, usually far away?
a) State
b) City-state
c) Colony
d) Country

What protected the right to liberty, to work, to one's opinion in France?
a) The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
b) The Napoleonic Code
c) Code of Justice
d) Natural Rights

What helped the Industrial Revolution spread to the United States?
a) Language
b) All
c) Cuture
d) Resources

What are laws that control the behavior of the universe?
a) Natural Rights
b) Natural Laws
c) Nature Laws
d) Human Rights

Who proved that the Sun was the center of the universe?
a) Ptolemny
b) Isaac Newton
c) Galileo
d) Copernicus

Who created the idea of interchangeable parts?
a) James Watt
b) Eli Whitney
c) Michael Hargraves
d) Ruben Kincaid

What were large buildings with many workers called?
a) Factories
b) Industries
c) Companies
d) Corporations

In what industry did the Industrial Revolution begin?
a) Automobile
b) Steel
c) Coal
d) Textiles

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