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What is the time period called in which many factories and new machines were built?
a) Political Revolution
b) Scientific Revolution
c) Industrial Revolution
d) French Revolution

What battle ended Napoleon's reign forever?
a) Waterloo
b) Moscow
c) St. Petersburg
d) Bastille

What caused Great Britain to tax their colonies?
a) Greed
b) Fear
c) Debt
d) The Industrial Revolution

Which country kept their ideas for industrialization a secret?
a) The United States
b) Japan
c) Great Britain
d) Russia

What was a country that remained a challenge to Napoleon and his attempt to conquer Europe?
a) Great Britain
b) Both
c) Russia
d) None

______ is the movement or sharing of knowledge across Europe in the 1600's.
a) Enlightenment
b) The Age of Reason
c) Era of Good Feelings
d) The Great Depression

Name an enlightened leader in Europe.
a) Philip II
b) Charles I
c) Catherine the Great
d) Louis XVI

What means to send away?
a) Assume
b) Seige
c) Exile
d) Conflagurate

What effectively ended the control of the French monarchy?
a) Reign of Knights
b) Storming of the Bastille
c) The American Revolution
d) The Battle of Waterloo

Who emerged as leader of France following the French Revolution?
a) Napoleon
b) Francois Mitterand
c) Louis XVII
d) Henry IV

How did people explain the world before the Scientific Revolution?
a) Logic
b) Theory
c) Superstition
d) Calm, Cool Reason

Who replaced the king in power during the French Revolution?
a) National League
b) National Assembly
c) National Council
d) Federation of States

Name an area of life affected by the Enlightenment.
a) All
b) Science
c) Religion
d) Government

What is a territory ruled by a country, usually far away?
a) Colony
b) State
c) Country
d) City-state

What is a country that eventually caught on to industrialization?
a) Japan
b) United States
c) France
d) All

__________ was the alliance that hoped to end Napoleon's rule.
a) Napoleonic Code
b) Quadruple Alliance
c) Triple Alliance
d) Triple Entente

What inspired the French people to think about their government?
a) The American Revolution
b) The Civil War
c) The Russian Revolution
d) The Industrial Revolution

Which country began the Industrial Revolution?
a) Russia
b) Great Britain
c) United States
d) France

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