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An enzyme is typically
a) a carbohydrate
b) a protein
c) a nucleic acid
d) a lipid

The function of an enzyme is to
a) to be a chemical catalyst
b) to slow down chemical reactions
c) to destroy damaged cells
d) to digest food

A chemical catalyst
a) slows down chemical reactions
b) stops chemical reactions
c) speeds up chemical reactions
d) creates chemical reactions

Activation energy is
a) the energy needed to start a chemical reaction
b) the energy needed to stop a chemical reaction
c) active
d) passive

Which of the following is not a function of enzymes
a) Lower activation energy
b) Bring substrate molecules closer together
c) Put stress on the bonds of substrates
d) break down during a chemical reaction

A substrate is
a) A molecule
b) A molecule that an enzyme acts on
c) A molecule that functions as an enzyme
d) a chemical catalyst

This gives an enzyme its function
a) The combination of monosaccharides
b) The hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions
c) The shape of the molecule caused by the sequence of amino acids
d) The combination of nucleotides

This is the area where the enzyme interacts with the substrate
a) Active site
b) Whole molecule
c) Allosteric site

If the shape of the active site changes, what will happen?
a) Nothing
b) The substrate will no longer bind
c) The enzyme will interact with another substrate
d) The enzyme will stop functioning

What factors do not cause a change in shape of the active site?
a) pH
b) temperature
c) substrate binding
d) water

What is the induced fit?
a) bonding of substrate the active site causing a shift in the shape of the active site
b) forcing the substrate to bind to the active site
c) when another substrate binds to the enzyme
d) when a molecule binds in the allosteric site

What is enzyme specificity?
a) When an enzyme will only interact with a specific substrate.
b) When an enzyme can interact with multiple substrates
c) When an enzyme can partially create a chemical reaction on any substrate

When an inhibitor binds in the active site blocking the substrate from binding
a) Noncompetitive inhibition
b) competitive inhibition

When an inhibitor binds in the allosteric site changing the shape of the active site
a) Noncompetitive inhibition
b) Competitive inhibition

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