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Which of the following events turned the tide of the war in the Pacific against Japan and allowed the Allies to begin taking the offensive?
a) Battle of Midway
b) Battle of Guadalcanal
c) Battle of the Coral Sea
d) Doolittle's raid on Japan

Which of the following factors led to the fall of France to the Nazis?
a) all of these
b) the fall of Paris
c) evacuation of the British forces
d) the fall of Dunkirk

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the high number of displaced persons after the war?
a) The United States deported thousands of Japanese-Americans to Japan.
b) Border changes caused people to find themselves in the wrong country.
c) Prisoners of war tried to return to their homelands.
d) Holocaust survivors searched desperately for missing loved ones.

Why did President Truman agree to use the atomic bomb?
a) to bring the war to the quickest possible end
b) to destroy weapons plants in Japan
c) to revenge those who died in the Bataan Death March
d) to punish Japan for Pearl Harbor

Why is Isoroku Yamamoto famous?
a) masterminding the Japanese naval strategy during World War II
b) breaking the Japanese secret code during World War II
c) leading the Japanese government during World War II
d) ordering and overseeing the Bataan Death March

Which of the following cities was NOT extensively damaged during the war?
a) Paris, France
b) Tokyo, Japan
c) Warsaw, Poland
d) Berlin, Germany

Which of the following did NOT motivate Japan to build an empire?
a) The emperor wanted a larger empire to suit his divine status.
b) Japan took over Manchuria and later fought for the heartland of China.
c) Japan wanted the rich European colonies of Southeast Asia.
d) Japan was overcrowded and faced shortages of raw materials.

What event occurred on the day described as a date which will live in infamy?
a) attack on Pearl Harbor
b) Battle of Guadalcanal
c) bombing of Hiroshima
d) signing of the Atlantic Charter

What group was tried at the Nuremberg Trials?
a) Nazis
b) Communists
c) the Luftwaffe
d) war criminals from all of the Axis Powers

What did the Allies' strategy of island hopping in the Pacific involve?
a) attacks only on islands that were not well-defended
b) attacks only on islands that were Japanese strongholds
c) attacks on all islands within 500 miles of Japan
d) attacks on all Japanese-held islands

What does the use of kamikaze pilots show about Japanese culture?
a) They valued national honor more than individual life.
b) They were full of despair after the atomic bombs fell on Japan.
c) They did not mind dying because they expected to lose the war.
d) They hated Americans enough to die killing them.

What crucial lesson was learned in the Battle of Britain?
a) that Hitler's advances could be blocked
b) that Germany had a powerful airforce
c) that the RAF needed more planes
d) that the British were inexperienced

What caused the Japanese emperor to have reduced power after the war?
a) the Allies' insistence
b) the anger of the Japanese citizenry
c) the distrust of the Japanese parliament
d) the emperor's decision to reform the government

What combination led to the German defeat in the Battle of Stalingrad?
a) Russian troops and the Russian winter
b) Russian and British troops
c) Russian and German fuel shortages
d) Russian ground forces and American air strikes

Which of the following did Stalin repeatedly urge Churchill and Roosevelt to do in order to relieve German pressure on Soviet armies?
a) invade Germany through France in the west
b) invade Germany directly by air
c) invade Germany through Italy in the south
d) use atomic bombs on Germany

Under the postwar constitution of Japan, who was the head of government?
a) a prime minister selected by the diet
b) a prime minister selected by the emperor
c) the leader of the diet
d) the emperor

The Germans first successfully used the blitzkrieg in an attack on
a) Poland.
b) France.
c) the Soviet Union.
d) Finland.

The Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact in 1939 with
a) Germany.
b) Great Britain.
c) Poland.
d) Italy.

Why were thousands of U.S. citizens put in internment camps during the war?
a) They were of Japanese descent and falsely labeled as enemies.
b) They were radioing helpful information to the Germans.
c) They were of German descent and falsely labeled as enemies.
d) They had known of the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance.

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