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Who did Texas win their independence from?
a) Spain
b) France
c) United States
d) Mexico

What are inalienable rights?
a) Rights guaranteed to only naturalized citizens
b) Natural rights which should never be taken away from you.
c) Rules that apply to government immigration policies
d) Laws concerning US citizenship.

What is the official date Texas declared independence from Mexico?
a) March 1, 1835
b) Oct 15, 1836
c) April 21, 1836
d) March 2, 1836

When did Texas win their independence at the final battle of San Jacinto?
a) April 21, 1835
b) March 15, 1835
c) March 2, 1836
d) April 21, 1836

What do we celebrate today as Texas independence day?
a) April 21
b) Nov 7
c) March 2
d) Oct 15

Who was the author of the Texas Declaration of Independence?
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) George C. Childress
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

What inalienable rights are identified in the Texas Declaration of Independence?
a) Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness
b) Right to whorship
c) Life, Pursuit of Happiness, and Liberty
d) Freedom of speech

The Texas Declaration of Independence can best be described as?
a) declaring independence
b) Listing grievances and burdens caused by the Mexican government
c) Delcaring independence, listing grievances, and burdens caused by the Mexican government
d) Describing inalienable rights

What document was the Texas Declaration of Independence modeled after?
a) The Magna Carta
b) The English Bill of Rigths
c) The US Declaration of Independence
d) The Colonial Declaration of Resolves

What meeting was the Tx. Declaration of Independence created and finalized?
a) Convention of 1833
b) Convention of 1832
c) Convention of 1836
d) Consultation of 1835

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