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What does La Muñeca mean?
a) Doll
b) Action Figure
c) Truth
d) Neighbor

What does La Moneda mean?
a) Coin
b) Money
c) World
d) Fish

What does El Oso de Peluche mean?
a) Teddy bear
b) Daycare Center
c) Once in a while
d) Rope

What does El Mundo mean?
a) World
b) Country
c) Spoiled
d) Blocks

What does El Tren Eléctrico mean?
a) Electric Train
b) Turtle
c) Everyone
d) Playground

What does La Guardería mean?
a) Daycare Center
b) Teddy Bear
c) Guardian
d) Neighbor

What does El Patio de Recreo mean?
a) Playground
b) Naughty
c) Well-Behaved
d) Doll

What does La Cuerda mean?
a) Rope
b) Doll
c) Collection
d) Fish

What does Molestar mean?
a) To bother
b) To Collect
c) To obey
d) To permit, allow

What does Mentir mean?
a) To lie
b) Once in a while
c) To jump
d) To mentor

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