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The large super-continent that was thought to have existed was called --
a) Glossopteris
b) Mesosaurus
c) Pangaea
d) Laurasia

Rock clues were used to support the theory of continental drift because --
a) Similar rock structures were found on different continents.
b) The Appalachian Mountains looked completely different than the mountains on Greenland.
c) Fossils were found in the rocks
d) None of the above

Which of the following is NOT evidence of continental drift theory?
a) the shapes of the contents fit together like puzzles
b) Fossils of the same animal are found on separate continents
c) movement of convection currents in the mantle causes the plates to move
d) Coal deposits are found in climates today where they couldn't have formed

German Scientist that developed theory of continental drift
a) Hess
b) Russell
c) Hertzsprung
d) Wegner

This theory explains the moving of continents, but could not answer what made the land masses move.
a) plate tectonics
b) continental drift
c) Pangaea
d) sea floor speeding

Examining rocks that form on either side of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge provides evidence that supports Plate Tectonics. This is because we see evidence of plate movement in the fact that as we look at rocks farther and farther from the ridge, the rocks -
a) have higher iron content.
b) are made up of smaller particles.
c) become thicker and thicker
d) are consistently older.

The most recently formed crust on Earth would be found where -
a) plates are moving sideways past each other.
b) one plate is sliding under another plate.
c) two plates are pushing directly towards each other
d) wo plates are moving apart from each other

Even before modern observations provided evidence that supports the Theory of Plate Tectonics, people developed theories that the continents were once joined together. Using only maps, they observed that -
a) most of the larger land masses are in the Northern Hemisphere.
b) continents with the most moderate climates were located near the Equator.
c) the shapes of continents appeared to allow them to fit together
d) the oceans have decreased in size throughout the history of the earth.

One piece of evidence that supports the Theory of Plate Tectonics is the discovery of what in both South America and Africa?
a) The ancient atmosphere in both places was identical.
b) The rates of weathering of rock are similar
c) Fossil remains of the same land-dwelling animal
d) Plants on both continents have similar flowers

A scientist found fossils of the same tropical fern in Africa, Antarctica, and Australia. What conclusion can the scientist make?
a) The fern can live in any climate.
b) Birds who eat the fern also live in Africa, Antarctica, and Australia.
c) The continents have moved away from each other.
d) More evidence is needed.

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