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Drew added yeast and sugar to lukewarm water and placed it in a flask. He stretched a balloon over the opening of the flask. He noticed small bubbles rising along the side of the flask as the balloon slowly began to inflate. Drew concluded that--
a) A physical change was occurring.
b) The bubbles indicated a chemical change.
c) The water, sugar, and yeast were products of a chemical reaction.
d) The strong smell was evidence of a physical change.

Antifreeze is a chemical used to protect cars from radiator leaks, freezing, and overheating. Which statement about antifreeze is most useful to know before planning a long road trip across the southwestern US this summer?
a) Antifreeze is odorless but has a sweet taste.
b) Antifreeze is safe for the environment.
c) Antifreeze is used as a de-icing solution for aircraft and runways.
d) Using antifreeze and water in a car's radiator raises the boiling point of the mixture to 256° F.

A student mixes two solutions, planning to produce a chemical reaction. Which of the following is NOT evidence that a chemical reaction is happening?
a) color change
b) odor change
c) temperature change
d) no observable change

A student mixes two solutions, planning to produce carbon dioxide. Which of the following is the BEST evidence that a chemical reaction is producing carbon dioxide?
a) formation of a solid
b) temperature change
c) formation of bubbles
d) color change

Which of the following demonstrates that a new substance can be formed from a chemical reaction?
a) milk souring
b) water evaporating
c) iron bending
d) helium-filled balloon floating

Hydrogen peroxide is a substance often used to disinfect wounds or cuts. Its chemical formula is H2O2. What is the ratio of hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms?
a) 2:1
b) 2:4
c) 1:2
d) 1:1

Which of the following is a chemical property associated with wood?
a) snapping when bent
b) ability to burn
c) floating on water
d) having a rough surface

Which of the following is a chemical property of iron?
a) conducting electricity
b) rusting over time
c) sticking to a magnet
d) melting when heated

Which of the following is the BEST evidence that rusting is a chemical property rather than a physical property of iron?
a) Rust forms slowly.
b) Rust cannot turn back into iron.
c) Rust can form on any iron.
d) Rust does not look the same as iron.

In the process of a chemical reaction, which of the following is the LEAST LIKELY to occur?
a) products usually have different properties
b) no changes observed
c) yielding one or more products
d) visible chemical changes

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