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What event led the U.S. to join the war?
a) The bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan
b) The bombing of New York by Germany
c) The Treaty of Versailles
d) The Holocaust

The Lend-Lease Act...
a) Allowed the Soviet Union to lend tanks to Germany.
b) Allowed German Jews to leave the country.
c) Allowed the U.S. to aid the Axis with money.
d) Allowed the U.S. to aid the Allies with supplies.

Why did Japan join the Axis powers?
a) It wanted to become a part of the German Empire.
b) Like the other Axis countries, it had a communist economy.
c) Like the other Axis countries, it wanted to build an empire.
d) It was ruled by a relative of Mussolini.

Which countries were in the Axis powers?
a) Japan, Italy, and Germany
b) Britain, the U.S, and the Soviet Union
c) Japan, China, and the Soviet Union
d) Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria

Which is NOT true of the Battle of Britain?
a) It was primarily carried out by aircraft
b) It caused the British to surrender
c) It consisted of months of bombing
d) Winston Churchill provided important leadership to the British people

What role did the U.S. play in the war when it first started?
a) They immediately joined the Axis Powers
b) They immediately joined the Allied Powers
c) They wanted to remain neutral but supported the Allies
d) They wanted to remain neutral but supported the Axis

With whom did Hitler sign a non-aggression treaty?
a) Woodrow Wilson
b) Neville Chamberlain
c) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
d) Joseph Stalin

Stalin used which of the following to industrialize the Soviet Union?
a) Kamikaze and island hopping
b) The Munich Pact and the Lend-Lease Act
c) The atomic bomb and blitzkrieg
d) Five-year plans and collectivization of farms

What event directly began World War II?
a) Hitler's invasion of Poland
b) The Battle of Britain
c) D-Day
d) The attack on Pearl Harbor

As soon as Hitler became chancellor, he...
a) Invaded the Soviet Union
b) Declared war on the U.S.
c) Sent all Jewish people to concentration camps
d) Began enacting anti-Semitic laws and regulations

Hitler disobeyed the Treaty of Versailles by...
a) Persecuting Jewish people
b) Building up Germany's military
c) Creating jobs for his people
d) Making an alliance with Russia

How did France and Britain try to avoid war with Germany?
a) They appeased Hitler by signing the Munich Pact
b) They offered to pay Hitler millions of dollars
c) They agreed to take responsibility for World War I
d) They appeased Hitler by purchasing German goods

Which is true of ALL three of the totalitarian dictators (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini)?
a) They all promised to make their countries wealthy and powerful
b) They all belonged to the Communist Party
c) They all had happy childhoods
d) They all gave more rights to their citizens

Which was NOT a condition the Treaty of Versailles placed on Germany?
a) It restored Germany's monarchy
b) It demilitarized the Rhineland bordering France
c) It forced them to pay reparations
d) It reduced the size of their military

The term Final Solution refers to...
a) The U.S. decision to join the war
b) Truman's decision to use the atomic bomb
c) Hitler's plan to take over Europe
d) Hitler's plan to kill all Jewish people

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