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The atomic masses of the elements follow a pattern on the Periodic Table. Finish this sentence: The atomic masses of the elements increase:
a) From bottom to top
b) From right to left
c) From left to right
d) In random order

Using your Periodic Table, predict which element would have similar properties to Sulfur?
a) Chlorine
b) Sodium
c) Selenium
d) Nitrogen

Use your periodic table to determine which of the following elements is in the same group as Calcium?
a) Beryllium
b) Krypton
c) Potassium
d) Hydrogen

What is the elemental symbol of the element found in Group 17, Period 4 of the Periodic Table?
a) Rf
b) Br
c) N
d) Be

Which of the following sequences of elements would all have four valence electrons?
a) Li, Be, B, C
b) Be, Mg, Ca, Sr
c) K, Ca, Sc, Ti
d) C, Si, Ge, Sn

If an atom has 26 protons and 30 neutrons, what element is it?
a) Ba
b) Fe
c) Te
d) Zn

According to the periodic table, which element most readily accepts electrons?
a) Francium (Fr)
b) Sodium (Na)
c) Gold (Au)
d) Arsenic (As)

Which of the following groups contains members with similar chemical reactivity?
a) Li, Be, C
b) Be, Mg, Sr
c) Sc, Y, Zr
d) C, N, O

Which of the following elements on the periodic table has properties that are most silimar to Nitrogen (N)?
a) Carbon (C)
b) Oxygen (O)
c) Phosphorus (P)
d) Silicon (Si)

Based on the periodic table, which of the following elements has properties most like neon’s (Ne)?
a) Hydrogen (H)
b) Fluorine (F)
c) Krypton (Kr)
d) Sodium (Na)

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