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What was it about Truman's background that helped make him a good president? Remember Truman's different jobs.
a) He spent his entire adult life as a public servant.
b) He had experience in a wide variety of jobs.
c) He was a close friend of FDR's and learned a lot from him
d) He wrote many books on the history of American government.

What was the Truman Doctrine? Truman wanted to help other nations.
a) the U.S. policy that refused aid to any country threatened by communism
b) the speech Truman gave Congress in which he recognized the threat Stalin posed
c) the idea that communism would never be able to spread beyond Asia and Eastern Europe
d) the U.S. policy that guaranteed aid to any nation threatened by communism

What did the term iron curtain refer to? It had to do with division.
a) Stalin's powerful army of tanks and armor
b) the division between communist and noncommunist Europe
c) Churchill's determination to defeat communism
d) the war between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

Many people in communist countries were unhappy and dissatisfied with communism. What evidence do we have for this? Mark each statement if it describes evidence of people's dissatisfaction with communism. People wanted to leave and revolt.
a) People revolted.People wanted to leave the country but couldn't.
b) Communist countries did not guard their border crossings

What had Winston Churchill done to win acclaim and respect in Britain and the United States before he gave his iron curtain speech in Missouri? Churchill was prime minister of Great Britain.
a) He led Allied forces in the D-Day invasion.
b) He served as prime minister of Great Britain during World War II.
c) He wrote the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.
d) He worked with scientists to develop the atomic bomb.

Choose each answer if it correctly describes a job Truman had before he became president. Truman worked in the army a farm and a store.
a) shopkeeper, army officer WWII and farmer
b) high school principal

Which men were two of Truman's role models? Truman looked up to Jackson and Lincoln.
a) John Quincy Adams and John F. Kennedy
b) Calvin Coolidge and Theodore Roosevelt
c) Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln
d) Thomas Harding and Ronald Reagan

Which are accurate statements regarding communist and capitalist systems?
a) In communism, the government has little control of the economy.
b) Profit motivates people to work hard in capitalism but not in communism.More competition in the marketplace in capitalism

The growing power of the Soviet Union and communism influenced U.S. policies after World War II. Which are accurate statements regarding this? The US stockpiled weapons.
a) U.S. built its military, stockpiled weapons and persecuted US citizens
b) The United States began to deny citizenship to all immigrants from the Soviet Union.
c) The United States amended the Constitution to make communism illegal.

What was the Marshall Plan? It had to do with wealth and democracy
a) a military plan to defeat the Soviet Union and contain the threat of communism
b) a program to aid European nations and to promote prosperity and democracy
c) an economic system for managing the production of goods and services in democratic nations
d) a program of civil-rights legislation designed to end segregation in the United States

What happened when the U.S. occupied Japan after World War II? Japan became democratic.
a) Japanese citizens resisted occupation and rose up in armed revolt.
b) Americans opposed to the occupation forced Truman to pull the U.S. troops out of Japan.
c) The military dictatorship of pre-war Japan was replaced with a democracy
d) Asian countries, fearing the Japanese would rebuild their empire, attacked U.S. occupation forces.

Select each statement that correctly describes a way in which Truman fought racism in the United States. Truman sent a proposal, addressed taxes, civil rights and segregation.
a) He sent a proposal to Congress to stop lynchings addressed taxes, civil rights and the military.
b) He nominated an African American to the Supreme Court
c) He ordered the end of segregation in the military.

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