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The main idea in Brother in Arms is
a) responding to violence with violence only creates more pain
b) friends are more important than family
c) it's impossible to turn your life around once you make a mistake
d) people should not try to befriend those who are different from them

One lesson Martin learns after he arrives at Bluford is that
a) you can make new friends, but old friends are the best
b) if you act tough at first in a new, place, you will win respect
c) adults are totally clueless when it comes to what teenagers need
d) people are often willing to help you if you are open to it

The idea of going after Huero's killer
a) is something Martin slowly comes up with on his own
b) is immediately suggested by Frankie
c) seems fair to Huero's mother
d) never seems like a good idea to Martin

Mrs. Luna wants to move to another section of the city in order to
a) get a better job
b) search for Huero's killer
c) get Martin away from bad influences
d) escape from her abusive ex-husband

When Martin reads Vicky's paper about her grandmother
a) insults her by making a joke about it
b) doesn't understand the point of it
c) pleases her by praising it
d) shows it to Mr. Mitchell

On the bus ride to the cemetery, Martin
a) gets in a fight with a kid who spills a drink on him
b) works on his homework assignment for Mr. Mitchell
c) sees Vicky hanging out with Steve
d) meets an old woman and gives her his seat

When Martin and Steve confront each other
a) Steve pulls a knife on Martin
b) Martin offers to shake Steve's hand
c) Martin hits Steve in the jaw
d) Steve tackles Martin

You can conclude that after Martin returns to Bluford, he will probably
a) try to join the football team
b) get to know Mr. Mitchell better
c) transfer back to Zamora High School
d) stop doing homework in his English class

Regarding the person who shot Huero, you can infer that Martin
a) will let the police deal with him
b) will ask Frankie to shoot him
c) plans to kill the shooter himself
d) does not believe he'll ever be found

You can infer that the next time Martin and Vicky meet
a) she will tell him she hates him
b) he will ignore her
c) he will tell her he and Frankie were just joking around
d) he will tell her the truth and hope for the best

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