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What is a measure of the amount of matter in an object?
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Inertia
d) Matter

What is the measure of the gravitational force on an object?
a) Weight
b) Mass
c) Volume
d) Matter

What is the curve at a liquid's surface?
a) Meniscus
b) Graduated Cylinder
c) Volume
d) Mass

What is Anything that has mass and takes up space?
a) Matter
b) Mass
c) Volume
d) Inertia

What is the amount of space occupied by an object?
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Matter
d) Inertia

What is the tendency of matter to resist changes in motion?
a) Inertia
b) Mass
c) Volume
d) Matter

What equation would you use to find the volume of a rectangular box?
a) volume = length x width x height
b) volume = length + width + height
c) volume = length x width
d) volume = length + width

Which of the following units would you use to express the volume of an irregular solid such as a rock?
a) cubic centimeters
b) liters
c) milliliters
d) newtons

Which of the following statements is true about an object's weight, but not about it's mass?
a) It may vary depending on the object's location
b) It is a measure of the amount of matter in an object
c) It is measured in kilograms or grams
d) It would be the same on the moon as it is on Earth

The larger the object's mass, the
a) larger its inertia
b) smaller its inertia
c) larger its volume
d) smaller its volume

Which property of matter is a measure of the gravitational force?
a) weight
b) mass
c) density
d) volume

In scientific experiments, the amount of a liquid used is expressed in
a) liters or milliliters
b) centimeters or meters
c) grams or milligrams
d) ounces or gallons

Which of the following has more inertia than a 100g object on Earth?
a) An object that weighs 2 newtons on Earth
b) An object that weighs 1 newton on Earth
c) a 50 g object on Earth
d) a 10 g object on Earth

What has mass and takes up space?
a) matter
b) weight
c) volume
d) space

Which of the following would be the easiest to start moving?
a) an empty cart with no potatoes
b) a cart loaded with two potatoes
c) a cart loaded with many sacks of potatoes
d) a cart with one potato

How could you change the mass of an object?
a) Add or take away some matter.
b) Move to another large body or moon
c) Make earth spin faster or slower
d) change the object's temperature

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