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Which is a characteristic of members of the plant kingdom that distinguishes them from members of the animal kingdom?
a) Storage of energy in chemical bonds
b) Exchange of H2O with the environment
c) Use of mRNA during protein production
d) Use of chlorophyll for solar-energy transformation

Hemoglobin carries oxygen to body cells. Which body system contains hemoglobin?
a) Circulatory system
b) Respiratory system
c) Endocrine system
d) Nervous system

Which of these is a function of the cell membrane in all cells?
a) Producing cellular nutrients
b) Preserving cellular wastes
c) Neutralizing chemicals
d) Maintaining homeostasis

Which system of the body would be directly affected if a large number of T cells were attacked by a virus?
a) Cardiovascular system
b) Immune system
c) Endocrine system
d) Respiratory system

An oakworm caterpillar feeds on the leaves of an oak tree. This type of interaction is —
a) mutualistic
b) commensalistic
c) competitive
d) parasitic

Which of these characteristics might help a plant species survive in an area with limited sunlight?
a) Bright flowers
b) Large leaves
c) Short stems
d) Thick cuticles

Which of the following is most likely to cause increases in a predator population?
a) Fewer prey
b) A reduction in competition
c) More parasites
d) period of drought

Which organism lives in the human intestine and aids in the digestive process?
a) The bacterium Escherichia coli
b) The fungus Trichophyton rubrum
c) The protozoan Entamoeba coli
d) The algae Fucus vesiculosus

The cellular organelle most directly involved in maintaining homeostasis is the
a) plasma membrane
b) cell wall
c) chloroplast
d) mitochondria

All of the following symptoms are likely associated with bacterial infection except —
a) skin rashes or lesions
b) elevated body temperature
c) swollen glands or tissues
d) increased red blood cell count

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