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The Buddha's name was
a) Caesar Agustus
b) Kufka Khan
c) Sidhartha Guatama
d) John Harrod

a) A Buddhist prince
b) Lasting peace
c) Spreading your religious ideas to others
d) Hindu heaven

a) A person who spreads religious beliefs to others
b) A person who fasts every Saturday
c) A person on the highest level of the caste system
d) A person who mediates in the mountains

a) Spreading relgious ideas to others
b) Lasting peace
c) To focus the mind inward
d) A temple

Whre did the Buddha grow up?
a) In a palace
b) In poverty
c) In an orphanage
d) In a forest

Which one of the following did the Buddha NOT see when he left his home
a) Death
b) Illness
c) The Brahman
d) Old age

How old was he when he left his home?
a) 12 years old
b) 18 years old
c) 20 years old
d) 30 years old

How long did he wander?
a) 1 year
b) 5 years
c) 7 years
d) 10 years

Where did the Buddha sit and fast?
a) Under a fig tree
b) In a temple
c) By the Ganges River
d) On a mountain top

How long did he travel and teach?
a) 25 years
b) 35 years
c) 45 years
d) 55 years

How long did he fast?
a) 21 days
b) 35 days
c) 49 days
d) 54 days

What does Buddha mean?
a) The Brave One
b) The Teacher
c) The Holy One
d) The Enlightened One

What is another name for the Middle Way?
a) The Fourfold Path
b) The Eightfold Path
c) The Sixteenfold Path
d) The Twentyfold Path

The Buddha said all but which one of the following caused suffering?
a) Power
b) Pleasure
c) Wealth
d) Love

What did the Buddha say a person must do to find Nirvana?
a) Treat people fairly
b) Avoid violence
c) Tell the truth
d) All of the above

How do Buddhists overcome selfish desires?
a) Develop their minds
b) Behave correctly
c) Be wise
d) All of the above

Which religion(s) believe in reincarnation?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Both Hinduism and Buddhism
d) Neither Hinduism or Buddhism

Some Hindus believe the Buddhas was the reincarnation fo which god?
a) Vishnu
b) Shiva
c) Brahman
d) Mohammed

Buddhism spread to all of the following countries except
a) Viet Nam
b) China
c) France
d) Korea

What is the main religion of India today?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Islam
d) Christianity

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