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What is New Zealand's Capital city?
a) Auckland
b) Nelson
c) Wellington
d) Rotorua

What is the most popular religion in New Zealand, 2013?
a) Buddhism
b) Judaism
c) Muslim
d) Christian

What is the most spoken language in New Zealand?
a) English
b) Maori
c) sign language
d) spanish

How Many people make up the New Zealand Defence Force?
a) 14,000
b) 8,700
c) 2,300
d) 2,900

What is the most dangerous animal in New Zealand?
a) Boa Constricter
b) snapping turtle
c) Box Jellyfish
d) Komodo Dragon

What is the total population of New Zealand
a) 4.433 million
b) 14 million
c) 896 million
d) 2 billion

What Year did it become an official country?
a) 1902
b) 1853
c) 1840
d) 1893

What is the New Zealand rugby team known for?
a) Their skill at Rugby
b) Their war dance
c) The amount of world cups that they have won
d) Their team spirit

Name one of the icon cuisines in New Zealand
a) Palvola
b) Hangi
c) Zesty Chicken saute
d) Fit-fit

What is The Most Famous Sport in New Zealand?
a) Yatching
b) Golf
c) Cricket
d) Rugby

What is The Currency called in New Zealand?
a) Euro
b) New Zealand Dollar
c) Peso
d) Renminbi

Who is the leader of New Zealand?
a) Tony Abbott
b) Herman Van Rompuy
c) John Key
d) Sir John Henry Brand

What Ocean is New Zealand nearest to?
a) Arctic
b) Atlantic
c) Indian
d) Pacific

What is the name of the most southern island in New Zealand
a) Great Barrier Island
b) Napier
c) Stewart Island
d) Greymouth

Name one New Zealand rugby team.
a) Warriors
b) Black Caps
c) Stormers
d) Brumbies

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