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brisk; The students took a brisk walk arount the neighborhood, returing to thier starting point in a short amount of time.
a) quick
b) boring
c) casual
d) formal

ignored; Kate ignored the noise of the train as it passed by, and she continued reading her book.
a) refused to take notice of
b) remembered to make a recored of
c) was impressed by
d) imitated the sound of

chamber; After seeing all of the other rooms, the tourists finally entered the king's chamber in the castle.
a) room
b) mold
c) district
d) balcony

timid; The timid dog was afraid of his own reflection in the mirror.
a) fearful
b) playful
c) lazy
d) deaf

a) talked sternly to
b) operated quickly for
c) manuevered solemnly with
d) remarked rudely about

a) drawback
b) reputation
c) motto
d) ransom

a) refused to move
b) looked confident
c) jumped gracefully
d) waited for permission

a) succeeded
b) dressed
c) answered
d) interpreted

a) accident
b) entrance
c) scheme
d) permit

operate; I would like to learn how to operate a tractor because I think it would be fun to drive.
a) work
b) clean
c) trade
d) repair

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