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select; April was one of a select group of students who are invited to the ceremony.
a) favored
b) pick
c) elect
d) choose

grant; Harry applied for a grant to pay for summer camp.
a) gift
b) give
c) admint
d) transfer

craft; We boarded the craft in Galveston and sailed across the ocean.
a) a boat, ship, or aircraft
b) a piece of art
c) skill in making or planning something
d) to make by hand

bind; The students will bind the bundle of newspapers with some twine.
a) to tie
b) to combine with
c) to protect
d) to bandage

a) concluded
b) hoped
c) panicked
d) admitted

a) borders around a printed page
b) blank pages before the print begins
c) questions about the print
d) spaces between lines of print

a) surprise
b) enclose
c) distress
d) construct

a) courage
b) fear
c) pain
d) shame

a) abandoned
b) captured
c) prompted
d) frightened

weather without rainfall
a) drought
b) crops
c) climate
d) agriculture

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