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Who made the Louisiana Purchase?
a) Napoleon Bonaparte
b) George Washington
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Mr.O

Why did France sell the territory to the US?
a) France needed money to fight a war
b) France queen felt sorry for the US
c) France did not like the swamps of Louisiana
d) Because Mr.O made France do it

Who did Thomas Jefferson send to explore the Louisiana Puirchase?
a) Mr.O
b) Himself
c) George Washington
d) Lewis and Clark

How much money did Lewis and Clark have for the expedition?
a) Limitless funds
b) 1 dollar
c) a million dollars
d) a billion dollars

What did Lewis and Clark bring back for TJ?
a) nothing
b) a group of beavers
c) two grizzly bear cubs
d) Pencils

What was Merriweather Lewis good at?
a) Wilderness skills
b) playing baseball
c) playing soccer
d) swimming

What was TJ hoping to find in the land?
a) Nothing
b) Northwest Passage
c) The chupacabra
d) deer

What trait best describes Lewis and Clark?
a) Brave
b) Stuck up
c) Quiet
d) Lonely

What is the name of the Indian who helped Lewis and Clark?
a) Sacagawea
b) Running Bull
c) Mr.O
d) Pocahantas

Who is the best teacher ever?
a) Mr.O

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