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According to (Mislevy et al., 2003), evidence-centered design requires instructional designers to incorporate these 3 models into their educational games:
a) Stealth assessment
b) Competency, evidence, and task/action models
c) Introduction, body, conclusion
d) ABC's

What is the 3C3R model (Hung, 2006) in problem design?
a) content, context, and connection, researching, reasoning and reflecting to facilitate mindful and meaningful engagement
c) 3 cats 3 rings
d) 3 cokes 3 rootbeers

According to David Elkind (2007), the three instinctual drives that are at the root of all human cognition and behavior are:
a) Food, clothing, shelter
b) Planes, trains, and automobiles
c) Dogs, cats, and birds
d) Love, work, and play

What is Piaget's 1951 theory on play?
a) It is useless
b) It is meaningful
c) Imitation and play are two core and innate human strategies for cognitive development.
d) It is helpful

Essential Elements of educational games, according to Shute, Rieber and Van Eck (2012)
a) Challenge, Rules. Goals, Feedback, Interaction, Completing storyline
b) Fun
c) Noisy
d) Colorful

According to Shute, Rieber and Van Eck (2012), what is the best learning environment?
a) Treehouse
b) Car
c) Grocery store
d) Interactive, feedback, attention, and challenge

According to Shute, Rieber and Van Eck (2012), the best learning design needs these four features:
a) A, B, C, and D
b) 1,2,3, and 4
c) Active, goal-oriented, contextualized, interesting
d) Blue, red, yellow, and green

Name three more key features of game design, according to Alessi Trollip (2001)
a) Challenge, fantasy, entertainment
b) ABC's
c) 123's
d) None of the above

What is an educational game?
a) A structured learning activity where learners compete against each other for fun and practice.
b) a song
c) a dance
d) a book

Name three key features of game design, according to Alessi Trollip (2001)
a) bright colors
b) Goals, rules, competition
c) sound effects
d) music

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