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A closed loop system:
a) is inferior to an open loop system.
b) provides feedback of system operations.
c) an important part of the design process.
d) is a geometric construct.

A subsystem is:
a) something that is always below the earth’s surface.
b) a part of a larger system.
c) has to do with warships.
d) is independent of all other systems.

The parameters placed on the development of a product or system are called:
a) ideas
b) malfunctions
c) requirements
d) modifications

The process of modifying an existing product or system to improve it is called:
a) invention
b) innovation
c) reclaiming
d) technology

Technology systems include:
a) information
b) transportation
c) manufacturing
d) all of these

a) are related to the sale of equipment.
b) sacrificing or modifying one design element in order to achieve another one.
c) Are never necessary if the design is well done.
d) Only occur in a perfect design.

Malfunctions in a part of a system:
a) usually impact the system as a whole.
b) are easily identified.
c) can be repaired without troubleshooting.
d) have no impact on the system as a whole.

Which of the following is NOT a core concept of technology?
a) systems
b) resources
c) benchmarks
d) controls

The Design Process includes:
a) brainstorming
b) prototyping
c) evaluating
d) all of these

a) is limited to scientists and engineers.
b) is the creative application of ideas to generate new products and systems.
c) must be done within an open-loop system.
d) requires little or no experimentation.

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