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The process by which an organism’s internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment is called
a) Homestasis
b) Balance
c) Respiration
d) Digestion

Blood is made in which body system?
a) Digestive
b) Skeletal
c) Muscular
d) Immune

The spaces in bones are filled with a soft connective tissue
a) Bone
b) Cartilage
c) Marrow
d) Tendon

What kind of motion is possible with a hinge joint?
a) Back and forth
b) Rotating
c) Sliding
d) Gliding

Which type of muscle is found only in the heart?
a) Smooth
b) Cardiac
c) Skeletal
d) Tissue

A strong connective tissues that holds movable joints together is a
a) Ligament
b) Tendon
c) Muscle
d) Tissue

What is the hard part of the bone that contains calcium called?
a) Spongy bone
b) Compact bone
c) Tendon
d) Ligament

What are the two minerals found in the bones?
a) Calcium and phosphorus
b) Calcium and potassium
c) Phosphorus and potassium
d) Phosphorus and mineral

What type of muscle tissue is in the digestive tract
a) Skeletal
b) Cardiac
c) Smooth
d) Tissue

What connects muscle to bones?
a) Tendon
b) Ligament
c) Tissue
d) Skeletal

Muscles work in __________
a) individual
b) pairs

How does involuntary muscles work
a) On their own
b) You make it happen

How does voluntary muscles work?
a) they do it on thier own
b) You make it happen

Whisch is an example of an involuntary muscle
a) Bicep
b) Heart
c) Tricep
d) Quadrciep

Which is an example of a voluntary muscle
a) Bicep
b) Cardiac
c) Smooth
d) Stomach

Which of the following is a function of the skeletal system
a) Digest food
b) Keep warm
c) Makes blood
d) Posture

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