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When did birds begin to fly?
a) permian
b) jurassic
c) cretaceous
d) silurian

When did Earth form, rocks form, and oxygen levels increase?
a) silurian
b) precambrian
c) triassic
d) cambrian

Which era are we currently in?
a) quaternary
b) cenozoic
c) mesozoic
d) permian

Which period are we currently in?
a) quaternary
b) permian
c) cenozoic
d) jurassic

What determines when a period starts or ends on the geologic timescale?
a) new period begins every 100,000 years
b) development of new landforms
c) changes in climate
d) major changes in life

Approximately how old is Earth?
a) 4.6 thousand years old
b) 4.6 billion years old
c) 4.6 million years old
d) 4.6 years old

What is the largest grouping on the geologic timescale?
a) period
b) era
c) eon
d) epoch

What is the name of the scale used to organize events in the Earth's history?
a) geographic timescale
b) geologic timescale
c) geofossil timescale
d) geography timescale

Which event occurred first?
a) dinosaurs dominated
b) reptiles emerged
c) amphibians moved onto land
d) mammals dominated

Which of the following has the categories of the timescale in order from largest to smallest?
a) eon, era, period, epoch
b) epoch, period, era, eon
c) era, eon, period, epoch
d) period, eon, era, epoch

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