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Daniel Boone explored Kentucky because he was looking for
a) Native Americans and a new home
b) farming land and caves
c) hunting grounds and new land to settle
d) a new religion and better government

Who signed the Emancipation Proclamation...putting an end to slavery
a) Martin Luther King Jr
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) George Washington
d) John F Kennedy

Which is a result of the way the United States system of justice operates?
a) Judges are required to support the view of the prosecution
b) persons accused of serious crimes can be imprisoned without a trial
c) serving on a jury is a responsibility of citizenship
d) members of a jury are expected to make up thier minds before the trial begins

Two countries control the worlds supply of mineral resource. If both countries decided NOT to sell the mineral the price would -
a) go way down
b) fall a little
c) sharply go up
d) stay the same

Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
a) Louis Stephenson
b) Francis Scott Key
c) George Washington
d) Robert Frost

Money a person borrows from a bank is called
a) deposit
b) check
c) bargain
d) loan

The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to
a) prevent any leader from getting too powerful
b) supply a list of rule the government can follow
c) assure the individul freedoms of citizens
d) describe the fines for people who break the law

One result of recycling is:
a) landfills filling up quickly
b) new products can be made from old
c) trash is no longer a problem for large cities
d) many garbage collectors have lost thier jobs

Which person is elected the leader of a town
a) teacher
b) police officer
c) principal
d) mayor

In the late 1800s, Ellis Island was a stopping point for
a) tourist
b) explorers
c) immigrants
d) slave traders

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