China, Japan, India Question Preview (ID: 17966)

Review Questions For Chapter 13.

What 2 dynasties ruled during “the golden age” of ancient China?
a) Song and Tang
b) Sonny and Cher
c) Mio and Han
d) Sing and Fang

What is one achievement of the Tang Dynasty
a) land reform, giving more land to peasants
b) the building of the Taj Mahal and other great structures
c) the granting of more power to landowners
d) the isolation of China from the rest of the world

Which Chinese thinker believed that peace and stability could be brought to China if all people treated one another with respect?
a) Tang Taizong
b) Tokugawa Ieyasu
c) Confucius
d) Timur

Some important Chinese trade products were
a) books, movable type, and grain
b) wood blocks, spices, and salt
c) silk and porcelain
d) jewels, spices, and cotton

The belief in many gods who are all different aspects of one supreme being is a part of the
a) Hindu religion
b) Muslim religion
c) Feudal system
d) merit system

What is one lasting result of the early Muslim invasions of India
a) All Indians read and write in the same language.
b) India is till ruled by a Muslim King.
c) Religious differences still divide a Hindus and Muslims
d) India is a Muslim Country

Akbar realized that the best way to make his empire peaceful was to
a) forbid anyone to practice religion
b) grant Hindus more power than Muslims
c) grant Muslims more power than Hindus
d) be fair to people of different religions

What is one reason that Japan has such a distinctive culture
a) The division of social classes affects all aspects of daily life.
b) There has ben little contact among the people of Japan
c) Japanese culture has combined with the culture of Mongol invaders
d) Japan is isolated by the sea

In 1192, Japan began a period of
a) democratic rule
b) military rule
c) foreign rule
d) violent warfare

Japanese warriors followed a strict set of rules called
a) daimyo
b) bushido
c) chivalry
d) Kamikaze

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